Indians went crazy on Trump being elected as the President of the United States; they claimed it was the death of Democracy. On seeing the situation in Tamil Nadu, now I claim, this is the death of Democracy considering the fact that he was elected by the citizens and here, this lady, assumes position without even contesting in the elections.

But hey, hang on! Isn’t she an inspiration? (If you know what I mean)

From being a video tape seller, she became the closest aide of the former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa and now the CM.

Her Mannargudi Mafia plan has not disappointed her till this second. But the challenge for her would be sustaining in the political career as the CM. It is announced that she has to contest after 6 months and win an MLA seat. Naturally, all the cadres would talk about RK Nagar constituency, but winning in a metro city would be difficult.

So, it is Southern Tamil Nadu then due to the favorable Thevar and Gounder population. With many endorsing and supporting her, I’m sure that something is brewing in the party. But the reason for OPS to resign still remains unknown.

Photo Courtesy: Economic Times