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Ramblings of a Marathi Brahmin

Hello folks!

I’m a Marathi speaking Madhwa Brahmin settled in Chennai. Every time I speak of my language or caste, I face some really funny moments about my place of birth, customs  and whatnot! Here are a few.


Random Mama: Va da Kozhandhe. Iyer ah, iyengar ah?

Me: Madhwa Brahmin, uncle.

Random Mama: Madhwa Brahmin ah? Kelvi pattadhe ilaye ma, non-veg saapduvela (asks with that ‘Indian thatha or Anniyan look’)


Friend: Macha, apo nee hum aap ke rain coat family ah, da?

Me:  Dei, en da, dai. Hindi da adhu, na Marathi pesuven da.

Friend: Adan, macha. Elam onnu dhan. Settu veetu pulla nee.

Me: *face palm*


Friend: Dai, nee epo paru setu pasangaltaye pesitu iruka, Marathi pesuvenu solra, unaku Tamil teriyuma?

Me: Ivlo neram ena Telugu laya pesitu irunden? *double face palm*

I grew up studying Tamil da.


Friend: Marathi na un veetla epome chapathi ah da?

Me: Dai, I love thaachi mammu da!


Friend: Macha, na Tamil pesuven, enaku Tamil new year iruku. Unaku iruka da?

Me: Yes, da. It is called “Gudi Padwa.” We celebrate it on Telugu New Year day.

Friend: Enadhu? Kudichitu Padukanuma?

*That en da,en? En, en porumaya sodhikara moment*


This is the most crucial question of everything.

Random Mama: Sondha ooru edhu da kozhandha?

Me: Chennai, uncle

Friend: Epdi ma? Marathi nu soniye da? Thatha Bombay la irundhara? (Manasula Arnab nu nenapu, The Nation Wants to Know Mari kelvi)

*That un kuthama en kuthama moment*

P.S.: I seriously do not know how my family got settled in South India.


The most common question that many of my friends have asked me

Friend: Macha, Marathi la edha ketta vaartha solli kudu da?

*Adhu en da enna pathu kelvi kekara moment*


P.S.: Not to hurt anyone.


An Open Letter to My Depressed Friend

Hey there!

You. Yes, it is you!

Are you alone?

Maybe your mind says “Yes.”

But certainly, you are not!

Yes, trust me, you are not.

Perhaps, everyone advises you to consult a psychologist. Apparently, I’m not going to do that, for I know you are not alone.

Your parents do not exist in your world,

Your smartphone is important;

You find no fun in talking to your abandoned relatives,

’cause you believe you are busy with your invisible friends;

You do not hang around with your friends,

But rather stalk each other on social media;

The neighbors around you are zombies,

Your not-so-funny series gives you life.

Yes, you have chosen your virtual world over everything and everyone. Realize and accept it. You have living people around you, but you see them like ghosts. Take a break from the constructed reality and find joy in seizing the moment.

Take long walks.

Stroll around a new city.

Carry a novel wherever you go.

Meet new people.

Make new friends.

Talk to strangers.

Listen to stories.

Observe diverse culture.

Learn a new language.

In short, seize the moment, my dear friend! You are not alone! 🙂

Your loving friend. 🙂

Career and Passion

Every writer is a rebel. We live in a world that is driven by Engineering, Medicine and Chartered Accountancy. At times I feel the world is not the right place to follow our passion.

“You cannot succeed in life if you do not clear your board exams,” yelled the disappointed mother to her 12th-grade son.

He decided to run away from home.

~Years later~

“Ma, look! I have published three boo..,” came the son running and his tone became soft on witnessing the scene.

He was devastated to witness his mother’s funeral.

©Bhavani Prabhakar

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The Artist

He was immersed.

In the world of colours, drawings and sketches.

He was an eminent Artist.

He had an appointment to meet the most celebrated and the Artist with whom he wanted to work with since his inception as an Artist.

He was all set to leave his work to meet him.

The bell rung.

He carried his tools, rushed to his Mechanical Engineering class and realised that he was late to as he was immersed in art.

via Daily Prompt: Immerse

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