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Story of a Farmer

Seeds were sown,
Days flew,
Harvesting season arrived,
Still awaiting rain,
Alas, she betrayed!
Crops failed,
Farmers died.

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Career and Passion

Every writer is a rebel. We live in a world that is driven by Engineering, Medicine and Chartered Accountancy. At times I feel the world is not the right place to follow our passion.

“You cannot succeed in life if you do not clear your board exams,” yelled the disappointed mother to her 12th-grade son.

He decided to run away from home.

~Years later~

“Ma, look! I have published three boo..,” came the son running and his tone became soft on witnessing the scene.

He was devastated to witness his mother’s funeral.

©Bhavani Prabhakar

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The Craft of Weaving..

Not a day have the television and newspaper advertisements not flacked fancy silk saris. But little do we know about the state of weavers who craft the beautiful mango designs on our mother’s saris.

To explore more, I decided to visit Kanchipuram.

“We have been into weaving since my great grandfather’s time. And my son is studying now,” said Rajan, a weaver from Kanchi.

Does it not precisely explain?

They weave the most precious silk saris but the saddest part is they cannot even afford a single silk sari. What started as an ancient craft during the times of Krishna Deva Raya in Kanchipuram is reduced to nowhere. Most of them educate their children and want them to enter some other field other than weaving.

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