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The Artist

He was immersed.

In the world of colours, drawings and sketches.

He was an eminent Artist.

He had an appointment to meet the most celebrated and the Artist with whom he wanted to work with since his inception as an Artist.

He was all set to leave his work to meet him.

The bell rung.

He carried his tools, rushed to his Mechanical Engineering class and realised that he was late to as he was immersed in art.

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The Craft of Weaving..

Not a day have the television and newspaper advertisements not flacked fancy silk saris. But little do we know about the state of weavers who craft the beautiful mango designs on our mother’s saris.

To explore more, I decided to visit Kanchipuram.

“We have been into weaving since my great grandfather’s time. And my son is studying now,” said Rajan, a weaver from Kanchi.

Does it not precisely explain?

They weave the most precious silk saris but the saddest part is they cannot even afford a single silk sari. What started as an ancient craft during the times of Krishna Deva Raya in Kanchipuram is reduced to nowhere. Most of them educate their children and want them to enter some other field other than weaving.

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P.C: The New York Times

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