Hey there!

You. Yes, it is you!

Are you alone?

Maybe your mind says “Yes.”

But certainly, you are not!

Yes, trust me, you are not.

Perhaps, everyone advises you to consult a psychologist. Apparently, I’m not going to do that, for I know you are not alone.

Your parents do not exist in your world,

Your smartphone is important;

You find no fun in talking to your abandoned relatives,

’cause you believe you are busy with your invisible friends;

You do not hang around with your friends,

But rather stalk each other on social media;

The neighbors around you are zombies,

Your not-so-funny series gives you life.

Yes, you have chosen your virtual world over everything and everyone. Realize and accept it. You have living people around you, but you see them like ghosts. Take a break from the constructed reality and find joy in seizing the moment.

Take long walks.

Stroll around a new city.

Carry a novel wherever you go.

Meet new people.

Make new friends.

Talk to strangers.

Listen to stories.

Observe diverse culture.

Learn a new language.

In short, seize the moment, my dear friend! You are not alone! 🙂

Your loving friend. 🙂