I have been using WhatsApp for 3+ years and my mum has been screaming at me since the day I started using it.

Mum: Hey, why are you still awake? Turn off your mobile and sleep. It’s past 12 a.m. and you’re still meddling with your mobile phone.

Me (texting my friend on WhatsApp): Ok, mum. I’ll sleep and now you please go and sleep.

Present scenario

Mum: Still you’re awake? It is 1 a.m. (shockingly)

Dad: I know what I’m doing, you go and sleep now. I have got loads of messages to read on WhatsApp! (shouts)

He starts using WhatsApp frequently as I silently regret for joining WhatsApp and wonder how to get rid of it.

(My mind voice: Appa ku smartphone vaangi kuduthadhu romba thappa pochu! Translation: I should have never bought him a smartphone!)

Food for thought:


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