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April 2017

Career and Passion

Every writer is a rebel. We live in a world that is driven by Engineering, Medicine and Chartered Accountancy. At times I feel the world is not the right place to follow our passion.

“You cannot succeed in life if you do not clear your board exams,” yelled the disappointed mother to her 12th-grade son.

He decided to run away from home.

~Years later~

“Ma, look! I have published three boo..,” came the son running and his tone became soft on witnessing the scene.

He was devastated to witness his mother’s funeral.

©Bhavani Prabhakar

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The Forgotten Shadow

The hot fireball it was,

That shone every day,

Sizzled and fried every critter;

All the trees were uprooted,

Buildings were built instead;

Yonder lied a peepal tree,

Giving shade to the same critter!

via Daily Prompt: Fry

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Where are we headed to?

I have been using WhatsApp for 3+ years and my mum has been screaming at me since the day I started using it.

Mum: Hey, why are you still awake? Turn off your mobile and sleep. It’s past 12 a.m. and you’re still meddling with your mobile phone.

Me (texting my friend on WhatsApp): Ok, mum. I’ll sleep and now you please go and sleep.

Present scenario

Mum: Still you’re awake? It is 1 a.m. (shockingly)

Dad: I know what I’m doing, you go and sleep now. I have got loads of messages to read on WhatsApp! (shouts)

He starts using WhatsApp frequently as I silently regret for joining WhatsApp and wonder how to get rid of it.

(My mind voice: Appa ku smartphone vaangi kuduthadhu romba thappa pochu! Translation: I should have never bought him a smartphone!)

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